A human sorcerer with a colorful but rocky past. He is currently trying his best to do the right thing.


Salvadore the sorcerer was a bit of a wild card. Early in his career, he used his arcane powers for trickery and became skilled at frauds and cons. He used a hat of disguise to change his looks, then would sell any number of forged items to dealers and collectors. By level three he had amassed a respectable fortune.

That all changed when he decided to scam some top priests of the temple of Moradin. Salvadore was caught red-handed, served a short jail sentence, and had to make huge financial repayments. Don’t mess with the dwarves. Downcast and suddenly an outsider, one of the priests of Moradin took Salvadore aside and suggested he try to turn his life around.

That priest was named Bashor Kelvor, and that conversation over a few beers was a turning point for Salvadore. He turned his alignment to C/G and started to worship Pelor. Now Salvadore uses his powers for good, and frequently makes donations – voluntary donations – to the temple of Moradin.

Salvadore speaks with a deep voice and a rich accent. He dresses handsomely. His thick beard makes him look distinguished and he frequently attracts attention.



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